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Please read!

Dear webmasters,

You have had the ability to submit your galleries for years now and get free traffic from us.
Now we ask something in return. Not money, not your first born child.
What we would like from you is a hardlink to www.eroprofile.com from your website(s) you are promoting.

Not on your galleries! on your website! We want new traffic, not our own :0)

In return your gallery/galleries will be more likely to be placed on el-ladies.com.
We can not guaranty placement, but it will increasy your chances!

Thank you!

- One gallery per day
- No illegal content
- No popups
- No javascripting
- No redirects
- No blindlinks
- After submitting your gallery no changes are allowed. If you change your gallery it will be removed and you will automatically be blacklisted!
- You can only submit if you have a password. To apply for a password contact us.

Play nice and we are nice!


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